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[01 marzo, 2022]

The Andalusi Challenge colored Seville in CrossFit color

The CrossFit event par excellence of the Andalusian lands.
Four categories gave their all to win the first prize of the Andalusi Challenger.

This past weekend took place in the Cartuja stadium in Seville, the Andalusi Challenger dean test of national CrossFit.

The starting gun was given at 19:00 and as always there were surprises.

The first and only test on Friday was a real obstacle course that tested the adaptation skills of each athlete for the unexpected. Three laps around the stadium having to overcome different obstacles (portages, Walls, climbs, walks of the mono….). A challenge that delighted all those who came to see it.

Saturday’s day began at 10:00 with the team category. Throughout Saturday we saw the different athletes battling in the arena of the stadium each performing 3 wods with a high demand.

The weekend ended on Sunday with a final test.

Throughout the weekend more than 2000 people were able to enjoy this wonderful event that at no time lost its solidarity character and its heart.

This time the proceeds will go to @DanzaMobile.

There were 260 athletes and 27 brands between collaborators and sponsors. Everything to make this weekend one of the greatest in our sport.