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[01 december, 2021]

BEHARD joins the Madrid CrossFit ® Challenger Series as Official Drink

BEHARD will be the official beverage of the event for the benefit of all athletes participating in the competition

Specifically, the brand will offer its Super Protein Water, the most recent launch of the brand, which will be the great novelty

The Madrid CrossFit ® Challenger Series has reached an agreement with the BEHARD brand to be the Official Drink of the event in its first edition, which will take place from 10 to 12 December at the Centro Deportivo Municipal Gallur in Madrid.

Behard Super Protein Water will be the official drink of the event for the benefit of the athletes, helping them to give the best version of themselves and their quick recovery after high-intensity physical exercise, which is precisely what the competition demands.

Growing brand

It is a young, dynamic and disruptive brand of functional beverages, born with the clear idea of becoming a movement. Since its birth, its followers have not stopped growing, especially within the CrossFit ® community that after listening, assessing and evaluating each of the proposals of its consumers, develops a differentiating and innovative product, creating the new Super Protein Water, a totally different concept, to take as, when, and where you want a refreshing and healthy non-carbonated drink, high in protein of the highest quality.

In addition to hydrating, it helps to improve body composition (more muscle and less fat) thanks to the contribution of proteins of high biological value and rapid assimilation. Also, its innovative formulation incorporates vitamins and a very complete aminogram, which makes it much more beneficial and healthy.
The format, texture and delicious flavors of Super Protein Water make it more functional than other protein drinks.

Productive agreement

The alliance between the Madrid CrossFit ® Challenger Series and BEHARD will be very beneficial for both parties, both in terms of the quality of the products offered and the visibility of the beverage brand. In addition, the agreement has a very positive impact on our main protagonists, the athletes competing in the event.